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Bold designer, bold designs

Rather than make chocolate, we design chocolate. For 30 years, we have been exploring new ways to work with chocolate, inventing new methods and applications. But above all we give chocolate meaning, beyond just itself. Chocolate is waiting to be shaped, to satisfy our desire for beauty as well as our appetites. Contre Forme is focused on the process from the design to the mold, or just before the chocolate is cast...

Chocolate multilayer molded tablet for tourism in Manhattan
International symbols of the world's major cities in chocolate
Reproduction in antique bronze Baoule
Chocolates for a large chain of zen restaurants in the USA
Chocolate molds on the theme of Valentine's Day
Chocolate platter in the form of star crystals Cluizel
Small chocolate bar "Statue of liberated liberty"
Chocolate plate from a famous goldsmith brand
Chocolate box on the symbols of Belgium
Looking for a chocolate mold on the theme of Easter
Chocolate reproduction of Aztec de Mexico
Chocolate representing tourism in San Francisco
Chocolate brochure on the theme of tourism in the USA
Fried chocolate design without comparison
Rabbit very original and multicolored in chocolate
Roche Bobois cushion chocolate candy
Chocolate Baoule weight around a personalized tablet
Chocolate box in relief and golden ball
Chocolate mold in the shape of a 3D transport truck
Chocolate plate "Demeurees Marines" in 3D
Set of multicolored chocolates representing France
Chocolate box "Vive la rentrée" containing several elements
Embossed chocolate plate for public company
Chocolate mold shaped mobile phone
Chocolate mold project for the end of the year festivities
Box of square chocolates for the brand Publicis
Chip-shaped chocolates, Las Vegas casino
Chocolate rabbit in the shape of origami Michel Cluizel
Medal to taste with a food gilding
Chocolate mold of African statue in 3D
Reunion chocolate back mold
Chocolate Christmas tree by Cluizel
Chocolate mold of a Christmas wreath in 3D
Achievement naughty but without any vulgarity in chocolate
Dubai industrial logo in chocolate and presentation box
Chocolate mold project on the theme of Christmas
Mold research on the theme of the dessert container
Chocolate mold project on the theme of Christmas
Study of a chocolate mold on the theme of Easter
Dubai coat of arms in gold and dark chocolate with packaging
Square chocolate bar on the theme of New York
Original Easter chocolate "To the Family Mother"
Embossed chocolate bar for construction company
Presentation of Christmas chocolates "Étoile" Michel Cluizel
Creation of 3D African Total Chocolate Coil
Chocolate 3D Christmas wreath with dried fruit inlay
Personalized chocolate case with relief for Nescafe
Chocolate mold for Easter bell
Statue of Liberty 20 cm high molded in two parts
Egg Chocolate Mold with Inca Fabric Patterns
Original creation "Gardener's Kit" in dark chocolate and milk
South American symbolic egg chocolate mold
Las Vegas Milk Chocolate Platter 13 x 13 cm
Chocolate reproduction of a Roche Bobois cushion
Ashanti doll in chocolate and 3D total
Manhattan chocolate small tablet
Chocolate candies shaped Baoule weight
Chocolate puzzle for a holiday product symbol of love
Chocolate comb on copy of the original West Africa
3D chocolate cicada, symbol of southern France
Chocolate bar for tourism at Mount Rushmore
Box of chocolates on the theme of soft and vintage naughty
Chocolate candy for an Ivorian coffee producer