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Custom personalized chocolate design

Designer and developer of chocolate molds

He studied general architecture and design at École Boule and École Nissim de Camondo in Paris, graduating in 1967. In his final year, he was awarded the Silver Medal of the City of Paris after taking part in an architectural design competition (the architectural design potential of wood).

His innovations won him 1et place for four consecutive years while competing in an international event in Porte de Versailles, Paris, a competition for the best communication product. His last award-winning innovation was in fact the idea that would inspire him to communicate with chocolate. At this time, in the 1980s, such an idea was difficult to imagine.

"Chocolate as the bearer of a message, to be plucked up by our cravings and melt away in our mouth."

The project has a negligible impact on its environment, giving birth to a new kind of message entrapped by its tasty, fleeting yet solid sculptures.In order to breathe life into this new product and make it viable, Alain Bourotte, after moving to the Normandy countryside, designed a number of affordable production tools and implemented simplified processes. All this despite not being a chocolatier, which would turn out to be an advantage rather than a hindrance.

He is also the inventor of a now widely-copied technique known as "CHOCOGRAPHIE". After deciding to leave Paris for a better quality of life in the countryside, he began by setting up shop entirely based on his conceived production methods. "L'Arbre Rose" was born.

Inspired by this project and his new rural life, he developed, over the years that followed, his processes under different shops, now taken up by big brands, for example E-Mage, which is now managed by the excellent chocolatier Cluizel, François Cluizel. Along with his clients, he has found success in gourmet communication through his collaboration with a number of large businesses and renowned artisans.

Finally in order to continue to make peaceful progress and to devote himself entirely to the creation and improvement of his especially innovative processes, he founded CONTRE FORME.